Reporting crime

There are various ways you can report a crime to the Police. In an emergency, always dial 999, or for non-emergencies call 101. You can also report crimes online, in police stations, or call Crimestoppers.

Dial 999. This is still the number for serious crime where anyone would expect the Police to respond with due haste. The reasons for ringing 999 have not changed in decades. All calls go through to a central desk in Guildford.

Dial 101. This number was introduced to reduce the pressure on the 999 system. This is used to report crime where an instant reaction from the Police is not important, but the crime is important enough for you to expect the Police to investigate. All calls go through to a central desk in Guildford. Your local Community Police Team based in Woking Council Offices normally respond to 101’s.

On-line reporting. For minor and non-urgent crime

This facility enables you to report something that previously you might have considered not worth reporting; the “I didn’t want to bother you” type of answer of old. Now there is no excuse. There are forms for fraud and on-line crime, and for train or station crimes. Note that you will need to provide a phone number or email address. If you want to report a crime anonymously, use Crimestoppers.

Crimestoppers. This is an independent UK-wide charity working to stop crime. If you have information about any crime you would prefer to offer in confidence and anonymously, call free on 0800 555 111. Click <here> to go to their reporting website.

Remember, if you don’t report the crime the criminals will keep doing it and make yours and everyone else’s life a misery.